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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

Wet Method Fluorescent Magnetic Particles (Magnaflux)

Wet Method Fluorescent Magnetic Particles (Magnaflux)

14A Fluorescent Particles
14A is a dry, free flowing, brown magnetic powder which fluoresces bright yellow-green under black light.
14A is intended for use in high sensitivity wet method magnetic particle inspection.
It may be suspended, in either a petroleum-based vehicle oil, or in water.
When water is used as a vehicle, conditioning agents such as WA-2B, or WA-4 are required.

Suspension : Water/ Oil
Recommended concentration : 1/6 oz./gallon (1.25grams/Liter)

Container Size :
1 lb. Container
Six Pack of 1lb. Container
10lb. container
20lb. Container

▮ 20B Preblended Dry Mix Fluorescent particles
20B Preblended Dry Mix
Fluorescent particles (14A + Additives)
20B is composed of fluorescent magnetic powder, nonionic surfactants, and corrosion inhibitors.
It is a pre-blended dry mix of 14A magnetic powder and WA-2B water conditioner.

Suspension : Water Only
Recommended concentration : 1.5 oz/gallon of water (11.25 grams/ Liter)

Container Size :
1 Lb. Container
Six Pack of 1Lb. Container
15Lb. container
30Lb. Container

Color Under UV Light14A20B
SAE Sensitivity8-98-9
Mean Particle size (Microns)
Recommended concentration1.25g/Liter11.25g/Liter
Suspension mediumwater / oilWater only
Bath Temp.Limit43˚C43˚C
  • MIL-STD-1949 , 271, 2132
  • AMS-3040
  • ASME B & PV Code, Sec.V
  • ASTM E-709 (E-109)

▮ MG-410 Fluorescent particles
MG-410 Fluorescent particles (to be Mixed with Carrier II or Water/ Additives)
MG-410 is a dry, free flowing, green magnetic powder which fluoresces brightly green under black light.

Suspension : Water / Oil
Recommended concentration : 1.5oz/gallon of vehicle (0.75 grams/ Liter)

Part #Container Size
01-0191-571Lb. Container
01-0191-6910Lb. Container
01-0191-8125Lb. Container

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