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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

Yoke Type : MY-100

It is AC, DC all in one type equipment and makes a powerful magnetic field.
It is excellent in detecting defects of forgings, castings, processed goods etc.

  • AC exclusive use and AC/DC all in one type.
  • Small, Lightweight and easily portable(2.2kg)
  • Good-shape and durability excels with plastic molding
  • Improved near-surface defect detection ability by DC(direct current) magnetization.
  • Excellent application for various structures by big more joint magnetic poles
  • Easy maintenance

MY-100 is AC exclusive use and AC/DC all in one type and makes a powerful magnetic field.
Surface and near-surface defect detection ability is excellent.

Standard Configuration
  • Main Yoke MY-100 : 1 set
  • Power Cables 4m : 1 ea
  • Plastic Carrying Case : 1 ea
  • Certification
  • Operating Manual

▮ Specifications
Magnetizing CurrentAC, DCAC onlyAC, DCAC only
Power220VAC/ 50-60Hz110VAC/ 50-60Hz
Related Current2.4 amps4.6 amps
Distance Between
Magnetic Core Center
Center : 155mm
Universal : 0-216mm
Lifting powerMore with AC 6kg or DC 2kg
Magnetizing CurrentAC only
Cable Length4.0m
DimensionsL190 x D49 x H205 mm

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