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Selasa, 04 Oktober 2016

Ionization Chamber Survey Meter ICS-331B Hitachi

This model is the lightest type in the world which offers you comfort to measure radiation even in the field. You can measure low energetic leakage X-ray, in addition to common gamma by radioisotopes. This also features beta detection with the cap opened.


Radiation detectedGamma and X-ray
Beta (without cap)
DetectorInternal ion chamber
Construction : PC/ABS plastic
Effective volume : Approx. 400cm3
Effective window area : Approx. 45cm2
Beta window : Mylar film Approx. 4mg/cm2
Beta shield : Thickness : Approx. 500mg/cm2
Measurement rangeAutoranging
1μSv/h to 10mSv/h
0.3 to 10μSv
Acccuracy±10 %±1 digit for the reference
Energy dependence0.85 to 1.15 on 30keV to 2MeV (ref. 137Cs)
DisplayAnalog(Autoranging) 0 to 10, 100, 1,000μSv/h, 0 to 10mSv/h
0 to 10μSv
Digital0.0 to 99.9μSv / h, 100 to 999μSv / h, 1.00 to 9.99mSv / h
0.0 to 9.9μSv
ControlsFive-button, POWER, ZERO ADJ., Sv/h ⇔ Sv, LIGHT, P.HOLD
Battery checkFive-level-remaining-indication
Detector checkHigh voltage check : displayed by pressing button
PowerFour AA alkaline batteries
Battery life100 hours or longer in continuous use
Environmental requirements in operationTempareture : 0 to +40 degrees C
Humidity : 90%RH or less (Non-condensing)
DimensionsApprox. (W) 9 x (D) 17 x (H) 10 cm
WeightApprox. 620g (incl. batteries)
Brand                                    : Aloka
Manufacturer                       : Hitachi
Origin                                    : Japan

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