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Selasa, 04 Oktober 2016

Electronic Pocket Dosemeter PDM-227C MYDOSE Hitachi

Electronic Pocket Dosemeter PDM-227C MYDOSE

  • The MY DOSE series allows you to check at any time the accumulated amount of radiation exposure. They are designed to be placed in a pocket (chest or abdomen) of a worker who handles radiation or a person who happens to enter a radiation handling facility.

  • Features:
    • Compact enough to fit comfortably in pocket
    • Alarm function equipped
    • Wide measurement range from 1μSv to 1Sv
    • Accumulated dose and dose rate measuring
    • Data holding function
    • Easy to see display with backlight


Radiation detectedX-ray and Gamma
Energy threshold20keV
DetectorSilicon semiconductor
Measurement rangeDose : 1μSv to 1Sv (0.1mrem to 100rem),
Dose rate : 1μSv/h to 100mSv/h (0.1mrem/h to 10rem/h)
AccuracyWithin ±10% from 10μSv to 1Sv (from 1mrem to 100rem) Calibrated by 241Am using a slab phantom
Alarm5-type, Accumulated dose caution and alarm, Elapsed time alarm, Dose rate caution and alarm
Waterproof and dustproofIP54
PowerOne lithium battery CR2450
Battery lifeApprox. 700 hours of continuous use (at room temperature of 20 degrees C)
Environmental requirements in operationTemperature : -10 to +50 degrees C,
Humidity : 90%RH or less (Non-condensing)
DimensionsApprox. 31 (W) x 13 (D) x 140 (H) mm (excluding the clip)
WeightApprox. 55 g
Brand : Aloka
Company : Hitachi
Origin : Japan

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