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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

PICO Color Check-W

♦ Water Washable Type-W
In the testing with water washable PICO Color Check-W the penetrant is removed by wter.
So it is good for application to a large quantity of parts or continuous testing during processes.
(For example, parts of automobile, large pressure vessel, etc.)

♦ Water Washable Penetrants
  • New formulas offer improved sensitivity, brightness, and resistance to overwashing.
  • Fewer processing steps for greater speed and economy.
  • Simplest equipment requirements.
  • All penetrants are suitable for dip,spray, or electrostatic application.

♦ PICO-Color Check-W
Water Washable Penetrant
General purpose water washable penetrant


■ Dry Powder Developer

NDW-DP10Lb. (4.5㎏)
NDW-DP25Lb. (11㎏)

■ Aqueous Water Suspendible Developer

NDW-WP25Lb. (11㎏)

■ Nonagueous Developer


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