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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

Mobile Prod MM Series

It is easy to carry and makes a powerful magnetic field.
And it's equipment that can apply to large forgings and castings (Valve, shaft, ship and atomic energy parts) inspection usefully.

  • AC, HWDC magnetic field
  • Infinitely variable current control
  • Digital ammeter
  • AC Decaying Demagnetization
  • Convenient AC & HWDC transfer switch
  • Applicable to Head Shot Method, Central Conductor Method, Coil Method etc.
  • Convenient mobility
  • Remote Control switch and cable (9m)

▮ Standard Configuration
  • Mobile Prod Power Unit
  • Flexible cable 4/0 15ft pair
  • Contact Prod set
  • Remote SW. cables kit
  • Operating Manual
  • Certification
  • "T" Clamp pair
     ▮ Specifications
    PICO-MAG Mobile Prod ModelMM-300MM-400MM-600
    Magnetizing CurrentAC / HWDCAC / HWDCAC / HWDC
    MAX. OutputAC2500 HWDC3000AC3500 HWDC4000AC5000 HWDC6000
    Current ControlInfinitely Variable
    Power, Line Current440VC / 100amps440VC / 150amps440VC / 270amps
    Open Circuit Output15Volts20Volts25Volts
    DemagnetizationAC / Decaying
    DimensionL80×W70×H90 cmL80×W70×H90 cmL100×W75×H90 cm
    Weight150 kg250 kg350 kg

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