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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

Film Densitometer : PDA-100

Light, portable and convenient to use

Mesurement Method
  • Operates Film densitometer ON switch and put on Film Viewer .
  • Push auto control device and set it 0.00
  • Put Film densitometer on film.
  • Density is shown in display.

Measurement ObjectTransmission density
of black and white images
Transmission density
of black and white images
Density Range0.0 TO 4.0D0.0 TO 4.0D
Measurement Dimensions2.5 mm diameter3.0 mm
Measurement Display3-digit value (LCD display, reflecting type)One range scale Analog
Accuracy± 0.03D± 0.05D
DetectorGaAsP photodiodeSilicon Photocell
Power SupplyAA battery (Alkali batteries recommended)9V dry battery
Size & Weight160(W)×65(D)×30(H) mm / 400g140(W)×65(D)×60(H) mm / 550g

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