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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

Yoke Type : MY-2

Will content you at the surface Inspection.
Will rugged rubber, molded housing and its excellent durability.

  • AC and makes a powerful magnetic field
  • Small, Lightweight and easily portable
  • Excellent durability with special rubber molding
  • Can achieve test alone and it's the most economical test equipment
  • Suitable for structures inspection of various form with 2 gear magnetic poles.
  • Low in danger of electric shock at wet inspection with waterproof micro switch.

Model MY-2 type keeps a powerful magnetic field and is small, light highperformance instrument.
It generates little heat although it is used for many long hours.
And especially its external shape is molded with special rubber, so it is good-shape and its durability excels.

  • Main Yoke MY-2 : 1 set
  • Power Cables 4m : 1 ea
  • 2 Universal Poles : 1 pair
  • Plastic Carrying Case : 1 ea
  • Manual & Certification

▮ Specifications
Power220VAC/ 50-60Hz110VAC/ 50-60Hz
Related Current2.6 amps3.8 amps
Distance Between
Magnetic Core Center
Center : 135mm
Universal : 25-185mm
Lifting powerMax. 7Kg
Magnetizing CurrentAC only
Cable Length4.0m
DimensionsL220 x D46 x H155 mm
Weight(2 Universal Poles)2.4Kg2.6Kg

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