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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

Warning Flash Light : LA-10

A pocket-sized and portable warning flash light that warns approach and entry to radiation zone when inspecting radiation.

▮ Application
  • Radiation Shielding Facilities
  • Radiation storage and disposal facilities
  • The area of radiation

▮ Design Concept
  • Rubber surrounded body emphasizing solidity and convenience.
  • Durability against the external impact.
  • Vertical intaglio pattern adapted to prevent from slipping of the grip.

▮ Functions
  • Pocket-sized, light, and easy to carry and treat
  • It has built-in strong magnet (4000g) that makes easy of applying in the filed
  • Semi-permanent ,high luminance LED winkers(failure rate is low)
  • Signal volume : 150㏈
  • Available to use more than 400 hours with 1.5 V AA type battery × 4 (efficiency, convenience)
  • Size, Weight : Ø84 × 100mm, 220g

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