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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

Coil Kit MC Series

Strong Magnetic Field
Solid durability
Non contact Magnetization
AC Coil

  • AC Coil magnetizing
  • Magnetizing without contacting objects
  • Can use it for complex or small shapes of casting and forging products (Auto parts or Aircraft parts)
  • Very easy to operate, even for beginners
  • Supporting dry, wet and fluorescent methods
  • Can be demagnetized

▮ Specifications
Magnetic Force3000AT
DimensionsInside : 250mm
Outside : 350mm
Inside : 350mm
Outside : 450mm
Time1-5 sec. Duty Cycle 50%
PowerStandard Type 220VAC 50-60Hz
(W)Type (Order made) 110VAC 50-60Hz

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