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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

High Intensity Illuminator : PICOVIEW P30-2 Dual

This model is added spot viewer based on a P30-1 observer.
One observer can estimate This is a state-of-the art observer that offers high brightness and long life, because we chose 3 wavelength type(FPL) which gains people's favor.

  • When observing high concentrations and small defects. it is useful because of addition spot viewer and iris. spot viewer can be turned off using foot switch
  • as a spot viewer, it can estimate high concentrations films(about 4.0), meets D35 type by KS
▮ Specification
  • The density of estimation : 1.0D + 4.0D(Spot View)
  • The luminance of the surface of observation
    FPL Lamp : 300-25,000cd/㎡
    Spot Lamp : 0-200,000cd/㎡
  • The size of the surface of observation
    (maximum) 7×14"(180×430mm)
    Addition Spot Ø85mm & Iris
  • Function to adjust the brightness : FPL and Spot
    able to adjust without any notices
  • Lamp : (fluorescent lamp) FPL-35W×4EA
  • The temperature of the surface of observation : within about 40˚C (FAN refrigeration)
  • Volume & Weight : W660×L203×H162mm / 6.8kg

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