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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

PICO Color Check™

Solvent Removable Type
This is the most easily applicable and the most widely used Method.
With this method, surface defects in articles made of almost all materials can be detected rapid and exactly with clear indications.
The penetrants are sold in portable kits.
In addition, Pico color checks are made of specially for vessels and parts of nuclear power plant.
They have high sensitivity and proper chemical characteristics suitable for tesing the parts used in nuclear power industries.
(meets nuclear specifications for chlorine,Flourine and sulfur)

♦ Advantages
1. Not decays any tested materials
2. Rapid and exact detection of fine surface defects not observable with eye
3. Reserving indications on the surface as long as not cleaning
4. Easily usable even by a beginner owing to the aerosol products
5. Economical to small quantity and at the field site.

♦ Applications
  • Castings : Pinholes, wrinkles, shrinkage, etc.
  • Forgings : Overlapping, cracks, wrinkles,etc.
  • Weldings : Improper welding, Cracks, etc.
  • Metallic materials : Fatigue cracks, grinding cracks, etc.
  • Through-Leak : tanks, Pipes etc.
  • Cemented carbide cutting tool : Cracks, lack of bond, miscellaneous Flaws, etc.
  • Non metallic material : Ceramics, glass, etc.

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