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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

Yoke Type : MY-1

PICO-MAG MY-1 type was designed to attach, detach and rotate magnetic poles.
So you can apply it to industry field widely and its test efficiency heightened.

  • AC and makes a powerful magnetic field
  • Small, Lightweight and easily portable
  • Ground ability upgrade and wide testing visual field security if you change and conglutinate direction of magnetic poles
  • Molding with special rubber of strong durability
  • Supports dry, wet, fluorescent method
  • Product test possibility of various shape with 2 gear poles
  • The most economical test equipment

Model MY-1 type can change and use with standard type and many joint type Yoke's poles.
It is equipment that test's efficiency is high because ground condition of poles is good and it makes a strong magnetic field and can secure observation side extensively although it's leaned by about 45˚ angle when using poles with 90˚ direction.
A) Cable connector type   (B) Intergrated Cable type

Standard Configuration
  • Main Yoke MY-1 : 1 set
  • Power Cables 4m : 1 ea
  • 2 Universal Poles : 1 pair
  • Plastic Carrying Case : 1 ea
  • Manual & Certification

▮ Specifications
Power220VAC/ 50-60Hz110VAC/ 50-60Hz
Related Current2.6 amps3.8 amps
Distance Between
Magnetic Core Center
Center : 130mm
Universal : 30-170mm
Lifting powerMax. 6Kg over
Magnetizing CurrentAC only
Cable Length4.0m
DimensionsL210 x D45 x H138 mm
Weight(2 Universal Poles)2.2Kg2.4Kg

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