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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

RI Disposal Containers : RS-SS100

Industrial radioactive isotope (Ir-192) is used for storing and disusing.

  • Convenient carriage- Safety is excellent in a safe device of dual structure.
  • It is designed to replace only inner container so the outer container can be recycled when you disuse it.
  • It is covered with thick steel and lead, therefore, its durability and shielding capability is excellent.
  • It has shielding capacity of maximum Ir-192 (A424-9) PIGTAIL 100.

▮ Specification
  • Size : H360 × Ø260mm (Cylindrical type)
  • Waste Storage capacity : A424-9 PIGTAIL 100 ea
  • Weight : about 250kg

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