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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

Stationary Penetrant Inspection System

The Stationary equipment used in liquid penetant testing varies in size, layout, and arrangement with the requirements of specific test.
The size of the equipment is largely dependent upon the size of the test specimen.
The stationary equipment is used in both fluorescent and non-fluorescent penetrant testings for high productivity and efficient inspection.
Its application covers automobile, ship, aircraft, machinery, electronic parts, and tools, The equipment is also available by order following the user specifications.

♦ System Configuration
The system can be positioned to accommodate floor space Iimitations and work flow requirements.
Inspection system can be set up in a straight line, with left and/or right 90˚ turns, or in a "U" turn to send parts back in the direction from which the came.

  • Penetrant Station
  • Pre-Rinse Station
  • Remover Station
  • Rinse Station
  • Developer Station
  • Dry Station
  • Inspection Station
  • Preclean & Postclean

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