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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

Industrial X-ray Film Observer : NRF-14, Dual High Intensity Illuminator

By using maximum 14×17" of viewing area, decidable various size of films. High quality film viewer mainly applied to defense industry, foundry, nuclear energy.

  • Density 4.0 decidable (above D35 type)
  • Fluorescent lamps and 1 halogen lamp.
  • With the adaptation of spot viewer and iris, decidable minute flaws.
  • Automatic and Continuous brightness control
  • Convenient decision with the use of foot switches.
  • Various decision mask.
▮ Specification
  • The size of the surface of observation
    (maximum) 14×17" (355×430mm)
  • Source of Electricity : 220V/60Hz
  • Volume & Weight : W605×L300×H500mm / 20Kg

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