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Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

Alarm Monitor : PICO CATCH-10

Based on the technology of ALARA, PICO CATCH-10 can prevent your crews form bombing accidents.
Attached on your belts or tops with refined design and connected to spare straps.
Automatically operated with an AAA battery cell and execute constant observations.
Adaptable to atomic facilities, nuclear waste dump sites, NDT, hospitals, industries, national defense and personnel adjacent to them.
Displayed on LED gauge by detection of radiotion level

  • Pocket-sized, refined design
  • LED signal and warning alarm
  • High credibility, handy
  • GM TUBE TYPE sensor

Using the newest Micro processor technology has enhanced stability.

▮ Specification
DETECTORGM Tube for γ & x-ray
Energy Response±20% from 30 keV to 1.35 MeV
Alarm WarringAudible : 85㏈ @ 10㎝ Buzz Type
Visual : Red LED Lamp flashing
Sensitivity10 μSv/h 10Beep/min
50 μSv/h 40-50Beep/min
100 μSv/h 100-110Beep/min
500 μSv/h ������
Battery Type/Life1.5V AAA Alkaline (1.5A/h)
Typically 750 hours (Non-Alarming)
Temperature : -20 to +50˚C
Humidity : 95% @ +35˚C
Case : High impact ABS
Drop Test : 1m on to conarete

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