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Rabu, 01 Oktober 2014

Defecogram Chair

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    Defecogram Chair

Chair used for radiography of bowel movement in radiology rather than use of MRI as a cost reduction.  Designed to fit between the fluoro tower and table and is sturdy enough to accommodate patients up to 300 lbs. Commode pail will slide in through back opening and hook and loop panel allows access to the pail for post procedure cleaning. Heavy grade medical casters lock the chair into place. Product made of schedule 40 1.25” healthcare grade PVC Pipe and Fitting.
¨ Seat-frame is secured onto a platform with rolling/locking casters
¨ Base height of toilet seat with platform and 4.5” Raised Toilet Seat is 37" H
¨ 4.5” Raised Toilet Seat with opening to fill w/ water as depicted for study-  seat will be attached into the commode opening but also can be removed for cleaning. Seat is 18” x 20” 
¨ Platform with step has locking casters
¨ Heel Support 8” Depth x  9”High X 18” W
¨ The seat has a large central aperture into which a disposable plastic bag is fixed. Slide commode pail  (Sq-Pail)Commode pail is 10 qt.
¨ The vertical height section of the chair has a wrap around (privacy skirt) and one rear removable  hook and loop opening /closure
¨ Non-returnable
¨ One year limited warranty
¨ 300 lb. Capacity

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