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Rabu, 18 Juni 2014

RDS-200 & RDS 31 Survey Meter Probes

Product ID : RDS-200-Probes


External Probes -- For RADOS Survey Meters
These External Probes enhance the detection capability of the RADOS RDS-110, RDS-200, RDS-31 survey meters.  They have been designed to fulfill both the civil defense and industrial applications requirements.
The GMP-11/15 probe is intended for monitoring alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray radiation. The GMP-11/15 is used as an external probe for the Multi-Purpose Survey Meter RDS-110 and Universal Survey Meter RDS-200.The GMP-11/15 probe is connected to an external lockable connector interface at
the bottom of the RDS-110/200.
The GMP-12H and GMP-12L probes are intended for monitoring gamma and X-ray radiation. They can be used as external probes for the RDS-110 and RDS-200 Survey Meters.  The GMP-12H and GMP-12L probes are connected to an external 6-pin lockable connector interface at the bottom of the RDS-meters. 
***All the probes can be used as hand-held or as fixed probes.

  • compatible with RADOS RDS-110 & RDS-200meters
  • remote dose rate measurements
  • converts the meter into contamination monitor
  • sensitive for low levels of alpha, beta and gammaradiation
  • for general contamination and frisking
  • optional telescopic rod
  • cord lengths up to 15 meters upon request

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