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Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

3096-3 DCA Area Alarm Monitor

Manufacturer: Arrow-Tech, Inc.
Product ID : 3096-3


The 3096-3 Area Alarm Monitor is the low range version of the Model 3090-3 Area Alarm Monitor. It covers the range from 0.1 mR/hr to 2R/hr.

3096-3 DCA Area Alarm Monitor
The 3096-3 is the Low Range version of the Model 3090-3 Area Alarm Monitor. It covers the range fron 0.1 mR/hr to 2R/hr. 
The 3096-3 Area Alarm Monitor measures radiation field intensities of X-ray and gamma radiation in the area surrounding the monitor or the optional waterproof probe. The output is displayed on a wide angle panel meter. The instrument measures x-ray and gamma radiation levels from 0.1mR/h to 2R/h with an internal energy compensated GM Detector or optional external detector.
Its uses include monitoring the exhaust from reactor plants, underwater exposure rates, radiotherapy operations in hospitals and industrial radiography operations. 
Controls on the front panel can be used to set the alarm from 0.1 mR/h to 2R/h. The alarm set point and the audible and visual alarms may be checked at any time by simply pressing a button, even in radiation fields. When the radiation field intensity exceeds the alarm trip point, the visual and audible alarms are activated. The visual alarm is a red beacon light mounted on the top of the monitor, flashes when the the trip point is exceeded. The audible alarm, a sonalert signaling device located on the front of the monitor, pulses at a fixed frequency. When the radiation field instensity decreases below the trip point, both alarms are automatically deactivated. 
  • Alarm Check pushbutton that permits the alarm trip point to be viewed or set while checking the alarm functions. 
  • Improved calibartion circuits allow for +/- 20% calibrations. 
  • Easily accessible calibration pots. 
  • Easy to read, error proof scale. 
  • Sound volume control, "power on" light and connector for optional door interlock. 
  • The optional external probe may be submerged up to 100 feet or remotely for up to 300 feet. 
  • Available in Roentgen or Sieverts units
  • Small enough to sit on a shelf or optional wall mounting brackets are available.  
Available Models: 
  • 3096-3 Area Monitor, 0.1mR/HR -2R/HR
  • 3096-3 SV Area Monitor, 0.001 mSv/h to 20 mSv/h


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