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Rabu, 18 Juni 2014

9941 Ultralite with nose pads

9941 Ultralite with nose pads

The 9941 Ultralites with nose pads are one of the most versatile frames on the market. Designed to provide a lightweight and comfortable solution from scatter radiation for the entire eye area without the necessity of side shields for lateral protection. This frame features adjustable nose pads and is ideal for those with high power prescriptions.

"The 9941 Ultralites are avilable with adjustable nose pads. They are designed to offer comfort and provide protection for the entire eye area without the need of an added side shield for lateral exposure. This frame is ideal for those who have a high power prescription. This frame also features adjustable nose pads providing extra support for increased comfort and a custom fit feel. The curved front and temples with rubber detail assures a close secure fit. Weight: 59.5 grams. Lead Equiv Front: 0.75mm (+/-0.05) leaded glass. Frame Material: Durable Nylon. Available in: plano , single Rx, Bifocal Rx, and Progressive. Prescriptions ranging between 6.00 and -9.00 are suitable for this frame. Colors: Silver, Red, Dark Navy, Black"

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