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Rabu, 18 Juni 2014

3007A GM Survey Meter with Probe

Manufacturer: Arrow-Tech, Inc.
Product ID : 3007A


Versatility is the key word to describe the Model 3007A Radiation Survey Meter. It is a full-size unit that is easy to use and cord and probe are included. Its rugged construction protects it against "real world" rough handling.
Description :
3007A GM Survey Meter 
The Model 3007A is a portable, battery-powered Survey Meter that can be used for Radiation Monitoring and Contamination Measurements. 
The Model 3007A has a BNC Connector on the panel to attach to any one of a series of interchangeable probes. The Model 3007A comes standard with a mR/h and CPM (Counts Per Minute) scale. The Model 3007A SV unit comes with a µSv/h and a CPS (Counts Per Second) scale. The 3007A is available with three different probes for a wide range of applications that include radiation level monitoring, contamination detection and frisking. 
The 3007A has individual calibration controls for each range and is equipped with a speaker which can be turned off. The speaker provides clicks that are in proportion to the radiation field intensity.
Cord and your choice of either the 360, 370, or 3012 Probe included. 

Available Models: 

3007A - 0-50 mR/hr, 0-30 Kcpm - (Probe Included) 
3007A SV - 0-500 µSv/hr Scale & 0-5 CPS Scale (Probe Included)

  • Portable, battery-powered & transistorized
  • Detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma & X-Ray
  • Operating Ranges: x1, x10, x100
  • Optional Headphone: For personal audible monitoring in High-Noise area's
  • 3007A Survey Meter Specifications

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