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Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

Model 1000A Radiographers Kit

Manufacturer: Arrow-Tech, Inc.
Product ID : 1000A


The Model 1000A Radiographers Kit allows Industrial Radiographers to meet the requirements 10 CFR, Part 34.25 and Part 34.47


Model 1000A Radiographers Kit 
The Model 1000A Radiographers Kit includes the tools required to meet 10 CFR 34.25 Radiation Surveys and Personnel Monitoring Devices 10 CFR 34.47
Rugged Radiography Kit Includes:
  • Model 3009A Survey Meter 0-1000 mR/hr with GM Detector
  • (2) Arrow-Tech Model W138 0-200 mR Direct-Reading Dosimeters
  • Model 909B Dosimeter Charger 
  • Sentry Rate Alarm 
  • Instadose Dosimeter - (requires service contract)
  • Spare Batteries
  • Dosimeter Logbook 
10 CFR 34.25 states that the licensee shall keep sufficient calibrated and operable radiation survey instruments at each location where radioactive material is present to make the radiation surveys required and that the survey instruments be calibrated semi-annually not to exceed six months. That each licensee shall maintain a record of each exposure device survey conducted before the device is placed into storage. Each record must be maintained for three years after it is made. 
10 CFR Part 34.47 states that the licensee may not permit and individual to act as a Radiographer or a Radiographers Assistant unless, at all times during radiographic operations, each individual wears on the trunk of the body, a Direct-Reading Dosimeter, an operating Rate Alarm and a Personnel Dosimeter that is processed and evaluated by an accredited NVLAP Processor
The Model 1000A Radiographers Kit helps you maintain compliance by providing the tools required to maintain compliance to 10 CFR 34.25 Radiation Surveys and 10 CFR 34.47 Personnel Monitoring Devices. All the required instruments and convenient Logbook that are required are included in the Model 1000A Radiographers Kit. The instruments are packaged in a hard-sided case that protects your valuable instruments and records at one low cost. Arrow-Tech, Inc. will provide the required calibration services and send out a reminder when calibration is due on the instruments. 

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