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Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

Bar-Ray 9 in. Triangular Gonad Shield

Availability: 25 Business Days for Manufacturing
Item Number: 63923 / 46923
9" triangular style with ties.

STARLITE contains no lead yet provides the same attenuation properties as Cost Cruncher and True Lite. Starlite is 12% lighter than True Lite. Most .50mm equivalent Starlite front protection aprons weigh approximately 10 lbs or less, that's a big weight off your shoulders.

COST CRUNCHER is our traditional weight lead protective material. It provides .50mm protection and attenuates 100% at 100 KVP. It is the most economical choice for the technician that does not need to wear the apron for long periods of time.
Warranty2 year

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