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Senin, 09 Juni 2014

Female Vest / Skirt Combo Lead Apron


Quick Overview

Regular Weight Skirt, Regular Weight Vest, and Tethered Thyroid Collar (Nave Blue Color, Size Small)

Regular Weight Skirt

All Day Comfort for the Lower Body

• Weight is distributed evenly around hips.

• Wrap around protection: .5mm Pb Eq front, .25mm back.

• Hook & loop closure with 1" safety buckle.

• Dual Pocket: easy to reach and generous.

• Waist Pad insert provides long-term comfort.

Regular Weight Vest

All Day Comfort for the Upper Body 

• Distributes weight between shoulders and hips.

• Full Protection: 0.5mm Pb equiv. front, 0.25mm back.

• Hook & loop closure is fast and easy.

• Tailored armholes protect breasts from oblique radiation (Female).

• Generous armholes for EZ-fit.

• Dual Pocket: reinforced welt, spacious and strong. 

• Shoulder Pads: concealed for comfort and durability.

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