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Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

Direct-Reading Dosimeter - W735, 0-50R with Sapphire Window

Manufacturer: Arrow-Tech, Inc.
Product ID : 4365


The Direct-Reading Dosimeters are rugged, precision instruments. They are designed to measure and directly read, at any time accumulated dose of gamma and x-ray radiation exposure. The Direct-Reading Dosimeter is designed to satisfy military specifications for the IM-Series RADIAC METER and ANSI N13.5 and N322 requirements. The sturdy metal clip attaches the dosimeter to a pocket or any object to monitor total radiation exposure. They are hermetically-sealed and immersion proof.
Direct-Reading Dosimeter with Sapphire Window
Model W735, 0-50R
The Direct-Reading Dosimeter is a pocket-size, carbon-fiber electroscope with an ion chamber for detecting and indication of integrated exposure to Gamma and X-Ray radiation. It has a thin wall which permits the penetration and detection of radiation.  This model comes with a hardened sapphire window that won't scratch even in the toughest of conditions.
Dosimeters are extremely sensitive instruments. Although they are constructed for rugged use, they should receive the same care as a wristwatch. Since dosimeters are hermetically sealed at the factory, they cannot be repaired or adjusted in the field. Therefore, if instrument malfunctioning is experienced, the instrument should be returned to the factory or your dealer. Dosimeters may be maintained in operating condition simply by cleaning the eyepiece lens and the charging switch insulator with clean water and a cloth that is free of lint and grit. Make sure the charging switch insulator is absolutely free of lint and moisture at all times. Caution: Do not insert any sharp objects into, or tamper with parts in the charging switch recess. Irreparable damage may be done.
Arrow-Tech, Inc. recommends a yearly calibration of the Direct-Reading Dosimeter which is generally consistent with good health physics practices. More frequent calibration may be necessary should the user's license require a shorter calibration interval.
Licensed from the U.S. Government under Patent No. 5,426,305

Radiation Detected:  Gamma and X-Ray from 16 keV to 6 MeV
Range: 0-50R  
Detector: Fiber-Electrometer mounted in an Electrically Conductive Plastic Ion Chamber
Detector Housing: Very low permeability plastics - Hermetically-Sealed
Accuracy: +/– 10% of true exposure
Rate Response: Dose rate independent for Gamma and X-Ray
Electrical Leakage: Less than 1.0% of full scale for 24 hours at 50 C
Temperature Range: -20 degrees C to +50 degrees C
Relative Humidity:  Up to 90%
Dimensions:  4.5” (12.4 cm) Length X .6“ (1.5 cm) Diameter
Weight:  1.0 oz. (25 grams)
Finish:  Natural Matte Black with a Metal Clip
Warranty:  Two Year Limited Warranty
Shelf Life:  20 Years
Specifications: ANSI N13.5 and ANSI N322-1997

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