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Selasa, 10 Juni 2014

Bar-Ray Velcro Closure Vest and Skirt Combo - Female - (Customized for Cook Medical)

Quick Overview

Standard vest with velcro closure has inside buckle to keep inner panel from sagging. Features shoulder pads and chest pocket.

Vest — 0.25mm each front flap (0.50mm at overlap), 0.25mm back
Reverse Vest — 0.50mm front, 0.25mm each rear flap (0.50mm at overlap)

PRESTIGE is our newest innovation in x-ray protection, the PRESTIGE lead-free apron – the lightest .5mm Pb equivalent apron, guaranteed! Prestige is 10% lighter than Starlite. These no-lead aprons are environmentally-friendly and verified by the The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to provide 0.50 mm radiation protection levels. Available through select dealers only.

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