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Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

WRM2 iPAM Trx 900 MHz

Manufacturer: Mirion Technologies (MGP)
Product ID : WRM-iPAM-TX

WRM2 and WRMDM iPAM-tx TRANSMITTER -- Wireless Remote Monitoring System
The intelligent WRM2 or WRMDM iPAM-Tx transmitter represents telemetry technology for the new millennium.  This compact, robust transmitter provides unparalleled communications features for MGP Instruments telemetry system.
The WRM2 and WRMDM iPAM-Tx Transmitter is an intelligenttransmitter that integrates LEDs, buzzer, and vibration to warn the user of any changes in the user’s radiation environmentand notifies the telemetry softwareCompact and rugged for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Works with existing WRM2 900 MHz radio telemetry system
  • NEW! WRMDM 2.4 GHz Radio telemetry system - coming soon!
  • Six 1570mcd super-red LED for alarms
  • Diffused blue translucent case for glowing effect when unit alarms
  • Vibrator and 90dB-95dB @ 30cm Buzzer
  • 24 hours of telemetry with 15 minutes of continuous alarm
  • Transmits iPAM Tx battery voltage to telemetry software
  • AA battery or DC powered (micro USB connector)
  • Exceptional range
  • Works with DMC 2000S, DMC 2000X, DMC 2000XB and SOR/R
  • Works with the LDM 2xx and 2000 Hands-Free readers only

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