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Selasa, 10 Juni 2014

Proguard RR3 Radiation Reducing Gloves (.60mm)

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Item Number: RR3

The PROGUARD RR3 radiation protection gloves have extremely high attenuative values. It brings a new dimension to being able to wear a glove that still has extreme flexibility for finger movement and a certain amount of tactile sensitivity as opposed to the old style heavy Radiographic gloves. This RR3 glove is fantastic for patient positioning during fluro and/or animal positioning. Procedures where your hands are close to the beam and it is not necessary for extreme tactile sensitivity is a perfect situation for use of these gloves. Attenuation Properties: 60 KVP 81% | 80 KVP 69% | 100 KVP 62% | 120 KVP 59% Thickness: .024"/.60mm An order of 5 pairs comes with a dispenser.

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