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Selasa, 10 Juni 2014

CTAV Cooling Panel

Quick Overview
CTAV technology was originally designed to keep police and military personnel cool under pressure wile wearing a shielded vest of flack jacket. NOW, Z&Z Medical is proud to bring this technology to you, to keep you cool when wearing radiation protection garments forextended or multiple exams. Heat is no longer trapped between you and your apron or vest. Passive cooling convective airflow allows your body heat to escape. Increased natural ventilation of metabolic body heat. Does not affect range of motion. Ribbed, air filled panel dissipates heat and heat storage from the body and the apron or vest. Quick harness is repositionable to make the perfect fit for you. Quick action hand air pump is included. Antimicrobial,anti-fungal nanocrystal surface keeps you dry and comfortable all day.

Lightweight - Practical - Effective

Our patent pending passive cooling system uses:

  • no circulating water
  • no dangling tubes
  • no ice packs
  • no hazardous chemicals

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