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Senin, 09 Juni 2014

Bar-Ray Reverse Vest X-Ray Lead Apron - Male (Optional Skirt)

Quick Overview
The reverse vest works on the same principle as the Vari-Flex apron. The elastic back offers greater adjustment, comfort and support during long procedures. Shrug your shoulders prior to attaching velcro straps. The vest features shoulder pads and a pocket.

Vest — 0.25mm each front flap (0.50mm at overlap), 0.25mm back
Reverse Vest — 0.50mm front, 0.25mm each rear flap (0.50mm at overlap)

PRESTIGE is our newest innovation in x-ray protection, the PRESTIGE lead-free apron – the lightest .5mm Pb equivalent apron, guaranteed! Prestige is 10% lighter than Starlite. These no-lead aprons are environmentally-friendly and verified by the The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to provide 0.50 mm radiation protection levels. Available through select dealers only.

STARLITE contains no lead yet provides the same attenuation properties as Cost Cruncher and True Lite. Starlite is 12% lighter than True Lite. Most .50mm equivalent Starlite front protection aprons weigh approximately 10 lbs or less – that’s a big weight off your shoulders!

TRUE LITE was our introduction to lightweight lead protection. True Lite is 10% lighter than Cost Cruncher and offers the same attenuation properties. Bar-Ray introduced True Lite over 10 years ago and it is still the leader in lightweight lead protection.

COST CRUNCHER is our traditional weight lead protective material. It provides .50mm protection and attenuates 100% at 90 KVP. It is the most economical choice for the technician that does not need to wear the apron for long periods of time.

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