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Selasa, 10 Juni 2014

Bar-Ray Lead Apron Sleeves

Quick Overview
Sleeves offer protection for the humerus bone against radiation scatter. Available in left, right or set. Available in all apron colors.

Specify semi-permanent or permanent attachment and length required in comments section of your order.

Available in Lead Free Lightweight and Leaded.

STARLITEcontains no lead yet provides the same attenuation properties as Cost Cruncher and True Lite. Starlite is 12% lighter than True Lite. Most .50mm equivalent Starlite front protection aprons weigh approximately 10 lbs or less, that’s a big weight off your shoulders.

COST CRUNCHERis our traditional weight lead protective material. It provides .50mm protection and attenuates 100% at 100 KVP. It is the most economical choice for the technician that does not need to wear the apron for long periods of time.

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