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Minggu, 05 Mei 2013

Survey Meter Model RSM-100

4 Mei 2013

Radiation   Detected   Gamma  and   x   ray 
Detector  Energy   compensated   halogen  quenched  GM  Tube 
Effective   Range  0mSv/h  ~  20mSv/h   (0mR/h  ~  2000mR/h)  
Energy   Dependency  ±20%,  60KeV   ~  1.2MeV 
Size   86mm(Width)   x   171mm(Length)  x   47mm(Height)  
Case   Material  ABS   polycarbonate   plastic.  
Control  Keypad  Main  Brain  switch   panel 
Weight   410g   (Excluding  Battery) 
LCD   size   60mm   x   50mm,   including   simulated  analog   scale 
Backlighting   High   efficiency  LED   backlighting  facilitates  operation  in  poorly  lit  areas. 
Relative  Intrinsic   Error  ±10% 
Direction   Dependency  ±20%,  (Front   Direction   ±80%)  
Response   Time  1  to   5  seconds  depending  on  dose   rate  
Power  Supply  2ea of  Battery  1.5V/“C”  size,  Alkaline Cells, minimum  life  200h 
Ambient  Temperature ‐ 10°   to   50°  ,  limit   of   variation   ±20% 
Relative  Humidity   Up  to   95%   @22 ,  limit   of   variation   ±10% 
Language   English 


Kondisi Barang = Indent

Langsung Kalibrasi oleh BATAN.

Harga Sudah Termasuk Kalibrasi Pertama Kali Dan Pengiriman Ke Tempat Tujuan.

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