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Rabu, 24 September 2014

Three Position Clinical Recliner

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    Three Position Clinical Recliner
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Designed for use in a variety of environments: PET, Oncology, Same Day Surgery, Outpatient, Dialysis, Bariatric, Clinics, and various other Imaging & Health-care Departments. This chair is innovative with an easy to actuate drop-arm feature. Self storing dual drop arms are simple for the health care provider to activate and enable a safer, easier lateral transfer in and out of the chair when needed.
Welded steel frame is constructed of round tubing resulting in improved structural integrity. Improved wider and softer armrest for greater patient comfort. Softer seat and back package for improved comfort. Varied density seat back and redesigned seating position provides excellent comfort and support during long term sitting. Three convenient positions: Upright, First Recline, Second Recline also known as full recline position. Also comes with articulating headrest in Forward position.

  • Easy to activate gas cylinder for quick Trendelenburg activatoin and improved lift.
  • Durable high impact side tables sit flush with chair arm to conveniently hold prep materials. Easy to actuate.
  • Four TENTE swivel casters facilitate transport and maneuverability in confined areas. Three total locking casters with easy to locate black locking tab lock wheel and swivel with single motion. Directional wheel lock with high visibility green locking tab on right rear cater reduces "crabbing" of recliner and enables the recliner to be moved with less effort.
  • Weight bearing Capacity is 290 pounds

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