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Kamis, 25 September 2014

Pediatric Child Seat with Belts-Small

Small Child Seat for our CMT-VCP, CMT-VRB and CMT-VSB chairs are made of molded, foam with a soft, seamless body-fluid-resistant coating applied as an outer "upholstery" by Tumble Form™. The seat's contoured interior has a 90 degree seat-to-back relationship to encourage correct seating posture. Exclusive seamless coating is easy to maintain and features anti-microbial protection. Washable, odor and stain resistant, impervious to urine, and non-toxic. Includes Seating and Mounting Straps. Shoulder harness slots allow 4" of vertical adjustment of the shoulder straps.  
Seat Height 21" (53 cm)
Seat Width 10.5" (26.5 cm
Inside Thigh Depth 8" (20 cm)
Inside Back Height 18" (46 cm)

User Height 30-36" (91-107 cm)
User Weight 20-40 lb. (9-18 kg)
Seat Depth 8" (20 cm)
Seat Width 7.75" (18.7 cm)

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