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Kamis, 25 September 2014

Child Pediatric Seat with Belts - Large

Large Child Seat for our CMT-VCP, CMT-VRB and CMT-VSB chairs are made of molded foam with a soft, seamless body-fluid-resistant coating applied as an outer "upholstery" by Tumble Form2™. The seat's contoured interior has a 90 degree seat-to-back relationship to encourage correct seating posture. Exclusive seamless coating is easy to maintain and features anti-microbial protection. Washable, odor and stain resistant, impervious to urine, and non-toxic. Includes Seating and Mounting Straps. Shoulder harness slots allow 4" of vertical adjustment of the shoulder straps. The Large feeder seet fits adolescents 8 to 13 years old.   
Seat Height 34" (86 cm)
Seat Width 17" (43 cm)
Inside Thigh Depth 13.25" (33 cm)
Inside Back Height 29" (73 cm)

User Height 48-60" (122-153 cm)
User Weight 40-80 lb. (18-36 kg)
Seat Depth 13.25" (33 cm)
Seat Width 12.5"(31.7 cm)

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