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Sabtu, 27 September 2014

MRI Pad Kit for Phillips, Siemens, & Toshiba

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    MRI Pad Kit for Phillips, Siemens, & Toshiba

MRI Kit includes: (2pc) MRI Pad 19.5"W x 28"L x 1.25"D, (1pc) Knee Wedge 19"W c 28.2"L x 8"D 
This unique visco-elastic material is specifically formulated to maximize patient comfort in a thin form factor to maximize free space inside MRI bores. This heat sensitive material molds to the patient’s exact body shape and contours to evenly distribute weight and pressure. Pads Feature a Permanent Antimicrobial Agent with cover seams sown using coated nylon thread to minimize the risk of any biological contamination. Pad Covering is a Breathable Waterproof polymer fabric that is easy to clean with standard disinfectant. Pads are Resistant to stains and are Latex Free! Excellent radiolucent quality. To increase safety, all pads have an anti-slip undersurface to keep the pads in place while patients are getting on/off the table. 

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