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Jumat, 26 September 2014

Mechanical Beam Scale with Wheels

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    Mechanical Beam Scale with Wheels

Perfect scale for any office or clinic. Dual measurement in LB and Kg. Weight capacity up to 490 lb (220Kg), using counterpoise weight of 50 lb (20 Kg). Weight can be read from the front or back.  Retractable aluminum height rod, Range of 24 inch – 84 inch (60 cm – 210 cm). Heavy-duty roller wheels allow easy portability of the scale. Durable enameled steel body. Cast Aluminum beam. Removable slip-resistant platform cover. No parts contain Latex.

Caution:  Placing the scale on a soft surface such as carpet is not
recommended. This could result in inaccurate weight measurement.  Ensure scale is on a level, stable and flat surface when in use.
Warranty:Two (2) year limited warranty on manufacturer defects. This warranty does not include calibration of the scale. 

Max. Weight Capacity:
 490 lb x 0.25 lb (220 kg x 0.1 kg)
Height Rod Range: 24” – 84” x 0.25” (60 cm – 210 cm x 5 mm)
Platform Dimensions: 14.76” x 10.83” (375 mm x 275 mm)
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H):
20.87” x 10.83” x 58.46” (530 mm x 275 mm x 1,485 mm)
Net Weight: 35.5 lb (16 Kg)
Gross Weight: 45.2 lb (20.5 Kg)
Cubic Dimensions:59.5” x 20.7” x 6.3” (151 cm x 52.5 cm x 16 cm)

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