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Rabu, 24 September 2014

Deluxe Extra Wide Clinical Recliner

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    Deluxe Extra Wide Clinical Recliner
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Designed for use in a variety of environments: PET, Oncology, Same Day Surgery, Outpatient, Dialysis, Bariatric, Clinics, and various other Imaging & Healthcare Departments. This extra wide recliner has been designed specifically for the larger patient. The extra-wide seat width of 24" and greater weight bearing capacity enables the recliner to comfortably sit and position patients up to 450 pounds.
  • Dual gas cylinders give smooth power assistance for back position adjustment and Trendelenburg activation.
  • Ergonomically designed padded armrests for added patient comfort.
  • Upholstered inside panels.
  • Improved footrest design with larger surface area.
  • Four TENTE swivel casters facilitate transport and maneuverability in confined areas. Three total locking casters with easy to locate black locking tab lock wheel and swivel with single motion. Directional wheel lock with high visibility green locking tab on right rear cater reduces "crabbing" of recliner and enables the recliner to be moved with less effort. 
  • Durable high impact side tables sit flush with chair arm to concertedly hold prep materials. Easy to actuate by healthcare provider.
  • Advanced vinyl protective coating provides a tough effective barrier against germs, abrasion, and stains. 
  • Weight bearing capacity: 450 pounds.
  • Tool-free assembly.

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