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Selasa, 23 September 2014

Basic Veterinary Digital Bundle Kit

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    Basic Veterinary Digital Bundle Kit
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Includes one of the following items listed below. Default for the protective garments is Sapphire blue, but any color can be ordered. Markers that are included can be personalized - so initials need to be provided at time of order.
QCRA-15 Caution Radiation Sign
QXRR-19B Xray Room Sign
QPS-06B Pregnant Sign
QEBL-L-61 EZ Guard  Apron  Light-Weight  Size Large  Color Sapphire Blue
QTAL-61 Thyroid shield attached Sapphire Blue
QHGP Pair of Lead Gloves  
QAGR-110 Apron and Glove rack
QUVCC Covered Immobilizer Trough (Large)
QCAL-21 Caliper
QUKVA General Sponge Set
QSBK-GB General Sand Bag Set
QGWP-P55 Disinfectant for x-ray table and accessories
QFLS-78 Flexible Lead Blockers set of 5
QTA-1 RT & LT Marker with Initials

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