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Senin, 29 September 2014

Advanced Task Lighting

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    Advanced Task Lighting

Ideal for interventional departments and minor procedures in a clinical environment. Bright crisp light with relatively no heat. Three-color-corrected, low voltage, 50 watt-halogen bulbs with heat sink technology that keeps the housing cool. Color temperature - 4000 Kelvin. 5000 Footcandles @24"  Bulb life is approx 4000 hours. 
Movement of the arm provides effortless and accurate light placement without drifting or repositioning. Counter balanced arm design. 540 degree rotation at both the light head and yoke. Removable and sterilizable handle. Arm length is 36.6". 
Compact five-legged caster 25" base. Height is 5". Power cord exits the base at the floor level. 
Color; Beige

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