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Rabu, 24 September 2014

Veterinary Bundles

Veterinary Bundles
Veterinary Accessory Bundles from Techno-Aide saves you time giving you all the items that you need in one bundle and allowing you to do what you do best - taking care of the animals!  We have six (6) Veterinary Bundles to choose from.

QBNDL-VB14   Basic Veterinary Digital Bundle Kit

QBNDL-VD14   Deluxe Veterinary Digital Bundle Kit

QBNDL-VA14   Basic Veterinary Analog Bundle Kit

QBNDL-VC14   Deluxe Veterinary Analog Bundle Kit

QBNDL-VE14L  Veterinary Protection Bundle Kit w/gloves

QBNDL-VF14L Veterinary Protection Bundle Kit w/mittens

Downloadable Files

Analog Bundle Information Sheet
Digital Bundle Information Sheet
Protection Bundle Sheet

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