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Minggu, 28 September 2014

Single Hamper

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    Single Hamper

MRI Conditional Single bag Hamper. Over all size is 23.75"long x 22.5" wide x 38.5" High. 14.46 gallon capacity. 3" Twin casters. Zip-front opening eliminates possible back injuries from lifting heavy loads of laundry. Floor plate supports the bag and keeps it off the floor. High Impact Plastic Lid with handle also included.
Forest Green Mesh is anti-microbial, flame resistant, mildew resistant, easy to clean, and has a high tear tensil strength. This hamper is easy to move, easy to store, and easy to maneuver! 
MR Conditional tested up to 3-Telsa

Additional Info

In accordance with OSHA regulations, our lightweight hampers come with ergonomically positioned push/pull handles, heavy duty threaded stem rolling casters and easy to open covers.
Fabric mesh bags can be washed or sprayed disinfectable. We offer replacement bags to maximize efficiency when bags are being washed or cleaned. 

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