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Rabu, 24 September 2014

Pediatric Accessory Bundle

Imaging children and pediatric patients can be challenging. Especially if you don’t have the imaging accessories that you need. The Pediatric Xray Accessory Bundle from Techno-Aide gives you all the items that you need in one bundle to allow you to do what you do best - image children.  Choose your colors and you are all set to go!
TPL  Thyroid Collar for Children  
LKL  Child Half Apron Light weight lead  
GMR4 Pediatric Gonad Guards  - Male set of 4  
GFR5 Pediatric Gonad Guards  - Female set of 5
KGL Child front protection apron - light weight lead
SCL-C Child Scolio Guard light weight lead
BSL-C Child Breast Guard light weight lead
CAL-21 Caliper
PAD-36 Half table Pad
TBH-2332 Half Transfer Board
SBK-PA Pediatric Sand Bags
UKPA Pediatric Sponges Kit  
KK-TURT Kiddie Kover—Turtle protective blanket
GBS-3 Diaper Guard Pediatric set of 3
GDR Diaper Guard for older childen

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