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Jumat, 26 September 2014

Multi-Purpose Exam Stretcher

  • Stainless Steel 4-Leg, 3-Position Retracto® Rails with Top Caps that Eliminate Patient Transfer Gap
  • Electric/Battery Powered Positioning and Adjustment System Features A Hand Held Control For Use Either By The Patient Or Care Provider
  • Hand Held Control Provides Height Adjustment, Backrest, and Leg Section Angle
  • Accessible Only By the Care Provider a Head End Control Panel Provides All the Adjustments of the Hand Held Control Plus Trendelenburgs
  • Head End Control Panel Also Includes Lock-Out Knobs Which Disables Any One Or All Of The Hand Held Controls
  • Manually Controlled Emergency Release Lever Is Provided Overrides Powered Control Of The Backrest In Emergency Situations (Resumes Without Reset)
  • Fold-Down Footrest is Built Into the Leg Section Facilitating Patient Comfort While the Stretcher is in the Chair / Exam Position
  • Central Lock & Steer System Activated From Pedals Located At Opposite Ends of the Base (Front Left Caster Locks in Steering Position or All Four Casters in Brake Mode)
  • 8” Tente® Casters
  • Powder Coated Steel Patient Surface
  • Seamless Thermoformed Base Cover with Storage and Built-In Oxygen Tank Holder Heavy Duty Non-Marring Bumper System
  • Height Adjustment: 25.5” – 33.5”
  • Trendelenburgs: 0°- 12°
  • Patient Surface: 27.5 x 72″
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
Included Mattress

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