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Senin, 29 September 2014

Multi-Modality Skin Marker (Radiation Therapy / Radiology)

  • Multi-Modality Skin Marker (Radiation Therapy / Radiology)
NEW Multi-Modality markers appear as a bright object on CT and MRI scans and can also be seen on all MRI sequences. Also perfect for Mammography and Diagnostic Radiology Procedures. 15mm outer diamterter and 3.5mm thick. These markers have a 5mm central axis hole. 2mm inner center hole is suitable for passage of conventional hypodermic needle. Also used for Image Guided Surgery because they can provide a reference point on the patients scanned images without tissue indent or any artifacts.
Often used in Radiation Therapy.
Package: 50 markers.
MR Safe (no known hazards)
SKU#: MM3005 

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