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Jumat, 26 September 2014

Mobile Radiation Shield

Mobile Radiation Shield
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Lead X-Ray Radiation Barriers / Shields are available in a variety of 2.0mm lead-equivalent opaque panel sizes to meet your radiation protection needs. Comes with a  10" x 12" 2.0mm Pb equivalency Schott Lead Glass window. Window center is 60" from the bototm of the panel. Supported by steel legs with heavy duty locking caster system for easy mobility. Crated for secure shipment.

  Leaded Glass: 10"w x 12"h                                                 Overall size:  24"w x 84"h *

 *note that 84" high barriers may not fit through all doorways. Please ensure that you have selected the correct size before ordering
SKU#: PBMW-2484

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