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Rabu, 24 September 2014

Mammography Bundle Kit

Includes one of the following items:
PS-08BPregnant Sign
VS-10EBValuables Sign
NFD-22BNo Food Drink / Cellphone sign
FB-10NFilm Badge Holder 
LGL-L-54Half Apron size large Pink Berry Color
TML-54Mammo guard Thyroid shield with Pink Ribbon
SDM-BB23Digital Nipple Markers 1 box of 100
SDW-SS3Skin Line Marker for marking scars 120" per box
GMC-21Mammo exam cape 100/case
GWP-WAFDisinfectant for mammography equip/paddles
TW-200Lint Free Wipes 200/bag
BMS-80Mayo Stand
ZOAS-SX03Patient Chair For Xray room  
ZBCH-USBUniversal Stool
BAG-45Hamper BagKit

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