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Kamis, 25 September 2014

Hydraulic General Patient Stretcher

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    Hydraulic General Patient Stretcher
This Hydraulic Stretcher is designed to provide versatility, lasting and consistent performance, and ease of use. These easy-to-clean units can support a patient during induction, transport, treatment, and recovery functions, avoiding unnecessary patient transfers to other equipment.
Operational benefits
• Continuous attention to the patient is possible with our
unique Zone-of-Care™ feature that allows all functions to
be performed at the patient’s side
• Easy to maneuver: built-in central steering and braking
systems with pedals conveniently located at all four corners.
• Easy to position: hydraulic foot pedals on both sides of the
stretcher base allow simple, hands-free height adjustment
and Trendelenburg positioning
• Convenient: dual-purpose accessory wells at all four
corners allow attachment of IV poles and other accessories
• Ample storage: open base design holds oxygen tanks and
patient belongings

Economic benefits
• Reduces number of patient transfers: Horizon Hydraulic
Stretcher’s versatility saves time and effort
• Protect facility walls and the stretcher with our heavyduty,
shock-absorbing, non-marking bumpers
• Easy-to-operate casters and brakes to help reduce safety
risks to healthcare personnel

Patient outcome and safety benefits
• Full-length patient protection with side rails that are
higher and longer
• Safe patient transfers with zero transfer gaps
• Latex-free, non-conductive, vinyl-covered PressureCare
mattress provides patient comfort for extended stays in
any department
• Maximum patient comfort:
• backrest can be easily and consistently set at
inclines from 0 to 90 degrees with our cable-free,
pneumatic-assisted fowler

Minimum Height 22.25 in [56 cm]
Maximum Height 34.75 in [88 cm]
Trendelenburgs 16°
Overall Length 83 in [210 cm]
Side Rails 15 x 75 in [38 x 191 cm]
IV and Accessory Wells 4 IV wells; 4 accessory wells
Fowler Pneumatic-assist, cable free, 0-90°
Casters 8 in Tente [20 cm]
Brake/Steer Pedals 4; one at each corner
Hydraulic Controls Foot Pedals on both
This Stretcher is reliable, durable, versatile, and very easy for healthcare staff to use. As a result, it performs consistently, iseasy to clean, allows for patient needs, and reduces the time, effort, and injury risk for patients and healthcare personnel.

Additional Info

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