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Kamis, 25 September 2014

Fluoroscopy Stretcher

Mobile stretcher designed for use with fluoroscopy machines (C-arms). Full length, radiolucent tops translate to either end providing excellent patient access. The hourglass shaped, trimmed base accommodates a wide range of C-arms. Offers the security of a treatment table with the mobility of a stretcher. Sliding top allows for eighteen inches of range of motion to accommodate most procedures.
  • Reduces the need for cumbersome tables with poor mobility.
  • This unit offers the security of a treatment table for procedures, and the mobility of a stretcher for transport in one unit.
  • The hourglass base design with trimmed sides creates an excellent window for C-arm access from both sides. Also provides improved patient load ratio for easier transport.
  • The easy-to-operate 18” sliding top enables shorter procedure time due to not having to move the patient or the C-arm to complete the procedure.
  • Added features include a wider surface area and higher rails than traditional fluoroscopic tables.
Operational Benefits
  • The hourglass-shaped base with trimmed sides creates an excellent window for the C-arm
  • The dual column base is easy to maneuver and provides superior stability for the patient
  • The easy-to-operate sliding top enables a broader range of imaging capability without having to move the patient
Economic Benefits
  • Improved case turnaround and streamlined patient handling because pre-indication, treatment, and recovery can be performed on the same stretcher
  • Reduced potential for staff injury from patient transfer
Patient Outcome and Safety Benefits
  • Risk management and patient safety needs are addressed with a wider surface and higher rails than traditional fluoroscopy tables
  • Improved quality of care and reduced risk of patient injury by eliminating multiple patient transfers
Standard Features
  • Stainless Steel 6-Leg, 3-Position Retracto® Rails with Built-In Push-Steer Handles and Top Caps that Eliminate
  • Patient Transfer Gap
  • Dual Side Foot Pedal Hydraulic Controls for Height Adjustment 23” – 36”, Trendelenburgs: 0° – 15°
  • Pneumatic Assist Backrest Adjusts 0° – 80°
  • Brake and Steering Activation from All 4 Corners
  • 8” Tente® Casters
  • Powder Coated Steel Patient Surface
  • Seamless Thermoformed Base Cover with Storage and Built-In Oxygen Tank Holder
  • Full Perimeter Non-Marring Bumper System
  • Full Length Radiolucent Top Meets BRH Requirements
  • Translating Top with 18” Movement – 12” Towards Foot and 6” Towards Head – for Patient Positioning during
  • Fluoroscopic Procedures
  • Patient Surface: Nominal 24” x 76”
  • Radiolucent Comfort Mattress: 3" thick / latex Free cover
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.

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